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This temporary Website was created for special use during the Coronavirus emergency. While it does not have the sophistication and attributes of our regular Website, it has the advantage that we can update it very quickly as needed. Our hearts and prayers go out to the individuals, families and companies that have suffered because of the virus. We look forward to the day when our world can return to normal.

April Update

We are very sorry that we have fallen behind in communications. Dealing with the pandemic, a lack of staff, and several software complications has created major problems. After several weeks of work, we believe that we finally have our software working and will soon get letters out to past subscribers to get the new system rolling. We will try to update this page as things develop. Thank you for your patience.

National Bus Trader Goes Digital Effective January, 2021

The first issue of National Bus Trader in December of 1977 consisted of three sheets of paper. Within months the bus industry gave its approval and by the end of the year National Bus Trader was a slick-paper color magazine. Our November 2020 issue completed 43 years of publication. We survived the fuel crisis of 1979, the recession of 1991 and the tragedy of 9/11/01. However, the current pandemic is unprecedented and has had a disastrous impact on the bus industry.

Never before have the bus and hospitality industries been faced with a situation like this. Some attractions have been able to reopen by requiring guests to wear masks and adhere to social distancing. Some buses have been modified and can be used with smaller groups. The overall impact of the pandemic has been devastating. One source says that more than 400 bus operations shut down in 2020. Both the bus and hospitality industries are struggling to survive.

National Bus Trader has been caught in the impact of the pandemic. While many bus operations are struggling to get back on their feet, the industry itself has slowed considerably. Sales of new buses and supplies have declined substantially. While the experts recommend continued marketing in a recession to let customers know you are here for them, many if not most industry suppliers are holding back on marketing for 2021.

The result of this is that National Bus Trader has been faced with an inability to continue offering a print publication. We had only two choices. One was to quit entirely while the other was to switch to a digital format. We have elected to continue to support the bus industry with a digital format until the situation improves.

Many readers and advertisers have recommended for several years that we keep up with the times and go digital. Our sister publication, Bus Tours Magazine, has offered a digital version since 2003 and has developed a strong digital following. There are several advantages for both readers and advertisers with a digital format.

Readers will appreciate the fact that with eliminating the need for printing and mailing, the digital edition can be available as much as two weeks earlier. Another major advantage is that with many people now working outside of the office, the digital edition can be sourced from home, from the office and even while on the road. Another advantage is that going digital will eliminate the need for address changes when moving.

Advertisers will appreciate the fact that in going digital, we can reduce rates while substantially increasing circulation. There is also a major advantage in marketing since
we can hyperlink digital ads to your Web site or order page thus taking advantage of immediate response from readers. There are also other advantages. Going digital will eliminate the problems of mailing copies to readers in Canada and other foreign countries. The digital format will also eliminate the need to edit things down to a specific number of pages to fit on the printing press. This will provide more leeway in including material and in offering more articles and more pages. We ask your patience while we make these changes. Here are the basics:

Advertisers can phone us at (815) 946-2341 or e-mail us at the address above to get your message into the digital National Bus Trader.

Digital editions will be available on our updated Web site at https://busmag.com/digital-edition/

  For subscribers, if we have your e-mail address we are working on establishing a program to get an e-mail out to you.

Paid subscribers who have not provided their e-mail address should send them to us so we can add your e-mail to our list.

Free issues will be available for those who are not subscribers.

If you would like to see a return of the print edition, you can encourage industry suppliers to increase their marketing budgets.

Thank you for your past support. We appreciate your continued support in the future so we can continue to help the bus industry in this difficult time.

Larry Plachno

Click here for a PDF copy of our Special July 2020 Coach Conversion Supplement. - The July issue of National Bus Trader traditionally highlights converted coaches. Because of the unusual circumstances this year, the motorcoach conversion material was put together as a PDF supplement. Feel free to share this with your friends.

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